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New controls from the Ministry of Commerce on reserving new vehicles

By, 2023-03-26

Qatar Cars


The Ministry of Commerce issued a circular to suppliers regarding the reservation of new vehicles, to ensure the rights of consumers, based on Law No. (8) of 2008 regarding consumer protection and its amendments, which clarified the obligations of suppliers and an indication of how to implement them under conditions and standards that are in line with the provisions of the law and its implementing regulations.


A form for submitting a request to reserve a vehicle, which includes the required data as follows:


  • Provider's name, address, and billing date
  • The type of good or service and its essential characteristics selling unit
  • The quantity of the good or the number of units sold
  • Delivery date
  • Item condition if used
  • The price of the item or the service fee in riyals
  • The serial number of the goods and their parts
  • Signature or seal of the supplier or his legal representative


Provided that the form is filled out, after the supplier confirms the actual availability of the vehicle to be purchased and delivered to the consumer after specifying the agreed date for receipt and payment of the price.


The Ministry obligated the suppliers to hand over a copy of the original "delivery date document" to the customer. In addition, all car dealerships concerned under this circular will periodically provide the Consumer Protection and Anti-Commercial Fraud Department with a list of vehicle reservations made during each month, and facilitate ways and means to reach them.


The Ministry gave suppliers and car agents residing in the State of Qatar a period of one week from the date of knowledge of this decision, in order to reconcile their conditions and work on what was included in the circular and to provide the competent Consumer Protection and Anti-Commercial Fraud Department with what has been implemented in this regard.


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