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Learn about the harms of directing the AC in the car to the body and face

By, 2022-06-04

مكيف الهاء في السيارة


With the high temperatures in the summer in our Arab world, many motorists turn on the air conditioner at the highest temperatures, in addition to directing the cold and strongly rushing air directly to the body or face. Is this act wrong?


The experts of the German Quality Control Authority answered that directing the cold air stream from the car air conditioner directly to the body or face is a very wrong act, because it may cause health problems for the driver and passengers.


Experts explained that directing the cold air stream directly to the face may lead to conjunctivitis, and it can also cause a cold or boold circulatory problems, if the difference between the temperature of the car’s interior cabin and the outside air is very big.


The authority also indicated that car air conditioners may make us more vulnerable to pollution in the event of neglecting their maintenance and cleaning, due to the accumulation of dirt and germs in the deep corners of the device itself, which may exacerbate the health problems of the driver and passengers.


In the same context, the Germans warned against high temperatures inside the car cabin, as it may lead to fatigue and decreased concentration while driving and raise the risk of accidents, based on the results of a study conducted by the Federal Road Affairs Authority.


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